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Manta Network Resource Repository
Workflow Design
"For details of Manta protocol, see [CXZ20]. Figure 1 shows the workflow of a user using Manta for private payment and exchange. For simplicity, we assume there are two sets of base coins that Manta supports: CoinA and CoinB, each of which is..." (Read More).
Read more about the Manta Workflow
Privacy Research
"Have you ever looked up someone's wallet address to view their holdings or transactions? According to our study results, the likelihood of you doing that is about 90%--i.e., about 9 out of 10 respondents have looked up someone else's wallet address..." (Read More)
Read the 2021 Privacy Survey
Setup Video
Our setup video walks users through how to set up their private instance of Manta Network. You'll also see how we mint, private transact, and reclaim tokens throughout the guide. To follow along, just download the open-source repos from our GitHub.
Watch the Manta Setup Tutorial
We're building an interoperable privacy protocol for the DeFi Stack.
MANTA: The Privacy Preserving DeFi Stack
Cryptocurrencies and decentralized ledger technology has been widely adopted over the last decades. However, there isn’t yet a decentralized exchange that can protect users' privacy from end to end. In this paper, we construct the first ledger-based decentralized token exchange based on ledgers with strong privacy guarantees. We first propose a anonymous decentralized exchange scheme (ADEX scheme) based on automated market maker (AMM) and zk-SNARK. We prove that this scheme is sound and preserves users’ privacy... Request the rest of our white paper.
It takes a village... And we're proud to have these amazing funds and people by our side as we build out Manta Network.