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We're building an interoperable, privacy-preserving decentralized exchange.

The problem we see today is that exchanges lack privacy, interoperability, and usability, which trickles down into many other issues. That's why we're building Manta Network, an interoperable and privacy-preserving decentralized exchange. We're building it as a layer-1 solution, which means that privacy will exist in the core architecutre, rather than a feature sitting on top of another blockchain. By using Substrate, we can take advantage of the interoperable ecosystem that Polkadot brings. If you want to learn more, read our article: An Introduction of Manta Network.

We are able to do this through a process called minting. Long story short, a user can initiate a coin-minting transaction by depositing a base coin (e.g., Polkadot). The Manta Network receives the deposit and generates a privacy-preserving version of it (e.g., private-Polkadot). To get more of the details of how this is executed, request a copy of our white paper.

We believe that Polkadot’s blockchain will deliver a greater overall user experience for DeFi than Ethereum can currently deliver. Architecturally, we need a fast runtime, fast consensus, and interoperability--all of which are not offered by Ethereum 1.0. For example, the current consensus on Ethereum, proof-of-work, impacts the speed of block generation, which is necessary for writing transactions to the blockchain. That translates into a slower, less-than-optimal user experience. To learn more about our choices, read about it in our post: Manta's Architectural Design Choices.
Privacy-Preserving Transacting
Manta Network leverages zk-SNARKs, a non-interactive form of zero knowledge proofs, to deliver scalable, privacy-preserving transacting and swapping. Because zk-SNARKs is a code-based solution, we have the advantage of flexibility and speed for the best user experience on a decentralized exchange: fast and private.
Frontrunning Resilience
Because we are building a layer-1 solution using Substrate, we are in control of the underlying blockchain consensus. That, combined with the obfuscation delivered through zk-SNARKs, means that we offer front-running resilience. Other traders and trading bots can't take advantage of being able to see your trades.
Completely Decentralized
Our goal is to build a decentralized exchange that is fully governed by the community. The governance, among other features, will be represented by the Manta Network token, $MA. Governance features for topics including selecting new trading pairs and tokens to include in the exchange will be decided by the token holders in the community.
MANTA: The Privacy Preserving Decentralized Exchange
Cryptocurrencies and decentralized ledger technology has been widely adopted over the last decades. However, there isn’t yet a decentralized exchange that can protect users’ privacy from end to end. In this paper, we construct the first ledger-based decentralized token exchange based on ledgers with strong privacy guarantees. We first propose a anonymous decentralized exchange scheme (ADEX scheme) based on automated market maker (AMM) and zk-SNARK. We prove that this scheme is sound and preserves users’ privacy... Request the rest of our white paper.
It takes a village... And we're proud to have these amazing funds and people by our side as we build out the world's first privacy-preserving decentralized exchange.
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