The Modular Blockchain for ZK Applications

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Modularity for Lower Gas Fees

Leveraging Celestia's modular data availability, Manta Pacific delivers a blazing-fast infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of monolothic L2s. Combine that with Manta's Universal Circuits, and you have the perfect environment for building and launching dapps.
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Core Features

Low Fees, High Scalability

Manta Pacific leverages Celestia and a modified OP Stack to deliver a cutting-edge technical infrastructure offering extraordinary scalability paired with low gas fees. Combined with Manta Pacific's Universal Circuits, Manta Pacific delivers an unrivaled environment for building and deploying ZK applications and dapps.

Developer-Friendly, App Agnostic

A multi-modular approach provides developers the flexibility on leveraging Manta’s private identity tools across chains and in web2 environments including mobile apps. Manta’s SDKs and proof keys offer developer-friendly solutions for integrating on-chain identity with just a few lines of code.

Universal Circuits

Manta Pacific offers Universal Circuits, a ZK library for developers to easily call ZK-enabled contracts for their existing Solidity smart contracts and dapps. Manta Pacific’s core circuit designs for its Universal Circuits include zkContracts such as zkShuffle for on-chain gaming.

Non-Invasive Compliance

Manta Network’s zkSBTs allow users to verify in a trustless, decentralized manner without exposing any details. zkSBTs such as the zkBAB and zkGalxe Passport deliver a seamless on-chain KYC verification without any need to scan passports or enter sensitive personal information.

A Growing Ecosystem

From DeFi to gaming to social, apps deploying on Manta are designed to bring the best experience and value to real users. The Manta Ecosystem Grants Program is designed to explore and grow new and valuable use cases to solve pain points faced by real users.

The Manta Core Ecosystem Products

The suite of core Manta products provide all of the fundamental functionality for all on-chain features in the network.

Manta Pacific

Manta Pacific is the modular L2 built for ZK applications and dapps that want to offer lower gas fees with great user experience.
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Universal Circuits

Manta's Universal Circuits abstracts the complexity of ZK development by offering SDK access so any Solidity developer can build ZK-enabled applications.
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Launchpad that mints zkNFTs/zkSBTs on zkAddress while using public tokens to pay minting fees.
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The first private-identity SBT that enables mass adoption of SBTs features.
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MantaPay offers on-chain private transaction for fungible and non-fungible crypto assets.
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Manta Wallet

Your gateway to the Manta ecosystem for access to all applications and features.
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Explore all the applications and partners building on Manta.
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Getting Started

Explore the docs to learn how to deploy your EVM dapp on Manta Pacific.
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Where We Are Today

Manta Network delivers a next-generation infrastructure for deploying and scaling web3 dapps.
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Events Around the World

The Manta Network community gets together around the world. We can’t wait to see you at a future event!
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